Please WRITE or CALL the following Senators and Representatives in the Georgia legislature to ask them to SUPPORT and FUND the Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program.

This Positive Alternatives grant program has two legislative parts:
1. Senate Bill 308 (Sponsored by Senator Renee Unterman) establishes the grant program.
2. The House and Senate Appropriations committees will fund the grant through the Georgia budget.

Please WRITE or CALL these legislators and ask them to SUPPORT Senate Bill 308 and FUND the Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program with $2million so that pro-pregnancy and pro-childbirth voices impact the decisions of pregnant women in our Georgia. The Positive Alternatives grant program will give supplemental funding to existing non-profits that already provide FREE pregnancy support services and that have a primary mission to encourage pregnant women to bring their children to term.

The grant program specifically prohibits funds from being used by an entity that performs, refers for, or encourages abortion. GLA supports and is intricately involved in this legislation to ensure it successfully assists pro-life efforts like similar programs in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Oklahoma – just to name a few.

Contact Information Below:
For PHONE numbers and to find YOUR Legislator, see the map here: 
You can click on your own area to see who your legislator is and find their contact information.


Senate Appropriations Committee Members House Appropriations Committee Members
Jack Hill Terry England
Renee Unterman Chad Nimmer
Charlie Bethel Amy Carter
John Albers Katie Dempsey
Ellis Black Tom Dickson
Dean Burke Earl Ehrhart
Bill Cowsert Penny Houston
Mike Crane Butch Parrish
Gail Davenport Andrew Welch
Vincent Fort Ed Rynders
Frank Ginn Allen Peake;
Steve Gooch Jay Powell
Bill Heath Tom Kirby
Hunter Hill Chuck Efstration
Judson Hill Kevin Cooke
Chuck Hufstetler Mike Dudgeon
Bill Jackson Rahn Mayo;
William Ligon Jason Shaw
Butch Miller Jan Tankersley
Jeff Mullis Sam Watson
Nan Orrock Valerie Clark;
Valencia Seay David Casas
David Shafer Brooks Coleman
Freddie Powell Sims Mike Glanton
Jesse Stone Rick Jasperse
Horacena Tate Jan Jones
Curt Thompson Margaret Kaiser
Lindsey Tippins Eddie Lumsden
John Wilkinson Howard Maxwell
Tommie Williams Kevin Tanner
    Robert Dickey
    Stacey Abrams;
    Stephen Allison
    Timothy Barr
    Bob Bryant
    Matt Hatchett
    Chuck Martin
    Don Parsons
    Jimmy Pruett
    Lynn Smith
    Darlene Taylor
    Matt Dollar
    Pat Gardner
    Lee Hawkins
    Carolyn Hugley
    Regina Quick
    Barbara Sims
    Ron Stephens
    Brian Strickland
    Chuck Williams
    Paul Battles
    Jon Burns
    Mike Cheokas
    Rich Golick
    Sheila Jones
    Randy Nix
    Tom Rice
    Carl Rogers
    Ed Setzler;
    Richard Smith;
    Calvin Smyre
    John Yates
    Bruce Broadrick
    Tommy Benton
    Buzz Brockway
    Bubber Epps;
    Buddy Harden
    Michele Henson
    Wayne Howard
    Greg Morris
    Mary Margaret Oliver
    Tom Taylor
    Dustin Hightower
    Alex Atwood
    Mandi Ballinger
    Johnnie Caldwell
    Christian Coomer
    Stacey Evans;
    Gerald Greene
    Bill Hitchens
    Alan Powell;
    Matt Ramsey
    Terry Rogers
    Tom Weldon
    Wendell Willard;
    Al Williams;