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Georgia Life Alliance is at the capitol working to let your legislators know how important this bill, SB  193 the Positive Alternatives Grant Program Clean-Up, is on your behalf and on behalf of the pregnant women and vulnerable unborn children of Georgia.  We need your voice to join us in speaking up for the children who will have a chance at a healthy childbirth, cannot speak for themselves on behalf of this bill.  


So I ask you to contact your state representatives and ask them to support SB 193 and to encourage Chairwoman Sharon Cooper to give the bill a hearing in the Health and Human Services Committee.   You can find your representatives by clicking here

You can also call Chairwoman Cooper’s office directly at 404-656-5069 and ask her to put the bill on the Health and Human Services Committee hearing schedule.  Chairwoman Cooper is a friend of life, so please be positive and encouraging, but let her know this bill is important.

Here are some talking points for when you call.  Tell them:

  1. You are calling to ask them to support SB 193 and to encourage Chairwoman Cooper to give the bill a hearing in the Health and Human Services Committee.

  2. Georgia Life Alliance worked on this bill with the Department of Public Health to carefully tailor the language to fix the Positive Alternatives Grant Program.

  3. You know that the democrats are proposing amendments to the legislation that are unrelated to the purpose of the grant program.  Ask that the not adopt the amendments and pass the narrowly tailored clean-up bill SB 193 as it passed the senate.

  4. If you work with or support a pregnancy care center, tell them about the amazing work these organizations do and that this grant program will help them to expand their services around the state.  

  5. This is Georgia Life Alliance’s priority legislation for 2017 and the only specifically pro-life legislation to survive crossover day, the last day for a bill to cross between the senate and the house.  

If you have never called senator or representative, know that they work for you and they expect and appreciate your calls telling them what is important to you.  You are the reason they are there and they need to hear from you.

In the coming months, I will be able to let you know much more about the exciting plans for GLA’s future, but for now, with one week remaining in the legislative session, I’m asking you to join me in keeping our eyes on the ball, and getting SB 193 Positive Alternatives Grant Program Clean-Up Bill passed.

We have many friends of life who serve in the senate and the house.  They have very full plates right now, so help them see the importance of this bill that helps promote life; because without life, all of the other issues are meaningless.    

GLA’s priority legislation to strengthen the Positive Alternatives Grant Program that funds services for mothers and children, and promotes healthy childbirth, received a positive vote on the Senate Floor and will proceed to the House.

This bill will help pregnancy centers provide services and resources for women and children for up to a year after a child is born. We are excited about the passage of the bill and will now turn our attention to its passage in the House. There are twelve more days in this legislative session.

Please contact your representative and ask them to support SB 193

September 6, 2016
Contact: Emily Matson


ATLANTA- Georgia Life Alliance stands on the shoulders of many who came before us. Today we mourn the passing of a woman who was fearless in her efforts to give a voice to the voiceless of our culture, especially unborn children. Phyllis Schlafly is one of those advocates whose tireless work trained thousands of men and women across the country to speak up for the unborn and promote legislation to protect them.

She’s influenced generations of pro-life women with her speaking on college campuses across the country, producing her weekly radio program, The Phyllis Schlafy Report and the Education Reporter, all aimed to educate and equip her followers to be effective advocates of sound policy on many issues at a state and feral level. Founding Eagle Forum in 1968, her State Leaders have emulated her example and continue to support her mission and philosophy at state capitols across the country.

In 1984, Phyllis Schlafly joined former Congressman Henry Hyde as a Delegate of the Platform Committee to lead the effort to adopt the prolife language of the Dallas Convention: “The unborn child has a fundamental, individual right to life which cannot be infringed….” Every four years, from that time on, Phyllis and her Eagles threw a party to remind National Delegates of the rights of the unborn – labeling her efforts “The Life of the Party” – from which we drew to begin our first annual “Life at the Party” Gala.

We extend our condolences to her family and close friends, especially her six children, 16 grand-children and six great-grand-children.

Georgia Life Alliance is the Georgia affiliate of National Right to Life.