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June 1, 2016
Emily Matson

 ATLANTA – After a short and heated primary fight for the Republican nomination in five of Georgia’s Congressional districts, all five incumbents emerged to represent their districts in the November general elections. Notably, all five victors were GLA Certified Pro-Life Candidates.

“The success of each candidate in these races confirms the confidence of their constituents in each man’s commitment to fight on behalf of the unborn” said Executive Director Emily Matson. “From Atlanta to Washington, Barry Loudermilk has remained a solid advocate for the unborn.  From Atlanta to Washington, Tom Graves has voted each time to affirm the pro-life agenda.  From Atlanta to Washington, Doug Collins has voted for every measure to save the unborn.  From Atlanta to Washington, Austin Scott has affirmed his position on protecting the unborn.  Since arriving in Washington, Rick Allen has remained solid in his commitment to the unborn.  These Congressmen’s leadership, acumen, and principle are key to chiseling away at ‘abortion on demand’.”

Austin Scott, Barry Loudermilk, and Tom Graves will face Democratic challengers in November.  None of their challengers have applied for GLA’s Pro-Life Certification.

Georgia Life Alliance is the Georgia affiliate of National Right to Life.

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ATLANTA – Governor Nathan Deal has signed HB 555 into law, assuring an accurate picture of how many of Georgia minor girls seek the protection of the Court and feel compelled to go outside the protection of their parents to obtain an abortion.

HB 555 clarifies how data is to be gathered and transferred through the proper channels in order for the Department of Public health to report, as the law requires of them. This was the first piece of legislation proposed by Georgia Life Alliance Committee in 2015.

“As a modest start to our legislative involvement, we believe HB 555 will begin to help us get a more realistic idea of what the children of our state are facing when making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy,” says Emily Matson, GLA’s Executive Director and originator of the legislative concept, “when we have a better grasp on how many children are going before a judge, rather than face this decision with the support of their parents, the better we, as a community will be able to serve and care for them.”

Sponsored by Representative Joyce Chandler (R-Grayson), the bill requires nothing additional than what is already in the law – but simply clarifies how this data will be gathered and transferred through the proper channels and kept confidential.

“We especially appreciate the work of Representative Chandler on this legislation as well as nearly 20 original House Co-Sponsors who took a bit of a risk on us, being new to the conversation as an organization. We also appreciate Senator Bruce Thompson for carrying it through the Senate. There were many hands who helped make this possible and encouraged it along the way,” said Kristina Twitty, Director of Operations and Lobbyist for Georgia Life Alliance Committee.

HB 555 legislation provides statutory instruction to the Juvenile Court Clerks to collect this specific data regarding the judicial bypass procedure and provide the data to the Administrative Office of the Courts – so that the AOC can then give accurate, certain statistics to the Department of Public Health. The bill ensures the data will be compiled in aggregate form so that it will not be used to target certain judges who may or may not grant such petitions.

Georgia Life Alliance is the Georgia affiliate of National Right to Life.


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ATLANTA – Monday, Georgia Life Alliance Committee (GLAC) issued letters certifying as pro-life Congressional incumbents Tom Graves (R-Ranger) and Austin Scott (R-Tifton).

“Congressman Tom Graves has a 100% pro-life voting record with the National Right to Life and other leading pro-life organizations. Tom cast at least eleven pro-life votes in the 114th Congress, each time proving his commitment to protecting the unborn and honoring the sanctity of human life,” said Emily Matson, Executive Director. “Congressman Austin Scott has consistently supported key pro-life legislation both in Washington and at the Georgia Capitol. Austin is a proven advocate for the unborn.”

GLAC wholeheartedly supported the efforts of National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List, and other pro-life organizations in the joint-strategy to place H.R. 3762 – which would have defunded the overwhelming majority of Planned Parenthood’s government dollars – on the President’s desk. President Obama vetoed the measure on January 8, 2016. “Both Congressman Graves and Congressman Scott worked to successfully present the first-ever opportunity for a President to defund the giant abortion provider.   To characterize the political capital expended by these Congressmen in any other way is simply not true.” said Matson.

Georgia Life Alliance Committee unveiled its “GLA Certified Pro-Life” application and certification process in early April. GLAC offers candidates for public office the opportunity to apply for “Pro-Life Certification” in two steps: (1) by completing the GLA Candidate Questionnaire on abortion-related legislation and (2) by applying for certification based upon evidence of a pro-life voting history or evidence of past pro-life efforts and thought on the part of the applicant candidate. The GLA Pro-life Certification packet can be found at GLAC website:

On April 28, 2016, GLAC issued Pro-Life Certifications to Congressmen Barry Loudermilk, Doug Collins, and Rick Allen.  For a complete list of candidates certified by GLAC, please contact us.

Georgia Life Alliance is the Georgia affiliate of National Right to Life.