Every month we’ll honor an activist, elected official, candidate, or pastor who has dedicated their life to protecting the unborn in Georgia. This month’s, our first ever honoree is Mary Boyert:

Mary Boyert

Mary Boyert has fought for the protection of the unborn in Georgia since 1978. Mary has persistently devoted herself to the pro-life cause, having served as the President (1980-1986) and then Executive Director of Georgia Right to Life (1986-2000) and more recently as the Archdiocesan Pro-Life Director (2000-2015). Mary’s patient methods,institutional history, and servant-spirit have achieved an unprecedented respect among the pro-life community, whether in the local parish or in the halls of the State Capitol. Throughout her tenure, the rate of abortions in Georgia has steadily decreased and Mary can be credited with essential participation in legislative achievements to that end: including Georgia’s Parental Notification law, the Womans Right to Know Act, requiring ultrasounds be made available to abortion clinic patients, and efforts to ensure no taxpayer funding for abortions in Georgia. Mary has achieved much and despite her supposed retirement this summer, we at GLA are hopeful that she will travel down to the Capitol at least a few more legislative sessions and help those of us still pounding the marble tiles for justice for the unborn!