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Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Camila (Wright) Zolfaghari

ATLANTA — Life Resources of Georgia, a nonprofit organization, has signed a contract to facilitate the Positive Alternative for Pregnancy and Parenting Program grant, designed by Georgia Life Alliance, to provides $3 million dollars to cover services for pregnant women that will extend through the first year of the child’s life.  This grant will make it possible for qualifying non-profit organizations throughout Georgia to soon be applying for grants to provide a wide range of services to pregnant women, mothers and children.The Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Program was designed to provide free services for women, including prenatal services, health assessments, life skill development, parenting support, and more.

“The Positive Alternatives Grant Program has been a priority for Georgia Life Alliance for the last two years and we have worked with the legislature, the Department of Public Health, organizations serving pregnant women, and Life Resources of Georgia to make this a reality,” said Camila Wright Zolfaghari, Executive Director of Georgia Life Alliance. “Georgia Life Alliance is committed to the idea that all life has value and deserves to be supported and celebrated: born and unborn, urban and rural, planned and unplanned, mother and child.”

Life Resources of Georgia aims to expand the services and standard of care that women and children receive through the non-profit organizations that will receive this grant funding. “Life Resources of Georgia looks forward to working hand in hand with the Department of Public Health to ensure that pregnant women and young mothers in our state have the excellence care that they need,” said Christina Middleton, Executive Director of Life Resources of Georgia.

There are over 70 pregnancy assistance organizations throughout Georgia, both in the metro and rural areas of Georgia, and over half are healthcare facilities providing medical services free of charge. We applaud the state of Georgia and its leaders for standing with these worthy organizations that are making such a positive difference in the lives of so many women and their children.

“We thank all of our friends in the legislature who made this bill a priority, and particularly our bill sponsor Senator Renee Unterman,” said Zolfaghari.  “We are also grateful for Lt Governor Casey Cagle and the bill’s co-sponsors, Senators David Shafer, Dean Burke, Bruce Thompson, and Greg Kirk; and Representatives Terry England, Sharon Cooper, and Scot Turner.  Each of these legislators went above and beyond to show that they value all human life and are committed to providing high quality services for mothers and children throughout Georgia.“


2451 Cumberland Pkwy Suite 3205 Atlanta, Georgia 30339 – 678-597-8055

Special Elections Update

Karen Handel and Kay Kirkpatrick

Two Georgia Life Alliance Committee Certified Pro-Life candidates are currently in runoff races in the north metro area of Atlanta.

Karen Handel is in the race to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and Handel’s election is set for June 20, 2017.  You can click here to view her questionnaire responses.

Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick is in the race to replace State Senator Judson Hill in the 32nd State Senate District.  Dr. Kirkpatrick’s election is set for May 16, 2017.  Early voting starts on the 8th in Cobb and the 6th in Fulton.  You can click here to view her questionnaire responses.

Many have noted that there is considerable confusion about the dates of these runoff races.  The original elections were on the same date, but the runoff races, one federal and one state, are in different months.

All candidates for both of these races were sent information about how to become Pro-Life Certified at the same time.  The information that was sent as well as blank questionnaires and applications can be viewed here.

Georgia Life Alliance Committee does not pick candidates to endorse, but rather focuses on certifying candidates pro-life based on their application, questionnaire, and record, and supplying voters with information about the candidates and the races.

Opportunity to Make a Difference NOW

GLA Headline

Friends of Life,

Last week was a busy and exciting week for Georgia Life Alliance, and we now have an excellent opportunity to change our culture and promote the value of human life. Two GLA Certified Pro-Life candidates successfully make it to the runoff election in both the Georgia 6th Congressional District and the 32nd State Senate District.

Congratulations to Karen Handel candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and Kay Kirkpatrick candidate for the 32nd State Senate District.


I am a person who likes plans, budgets, lists, and goals; but I love an opportunity to make an immediate difference in a life.  Goals and plans are important, but only if they allow the flexibility to respond to opportunity.

My background is as a human trafficking prosecutor.  If a child is recovered or a victim identified, you set aside your plans, plan for a late night, and get to work; rejoicing because you have an opportunity to make a real and immediate difference in a life.

Right now, we have an rare opportunity to make a real difference in the culture’s view of the value of human life.  The eyes of the country are on the race in the 6th Congressional District between Jon Ossoff and Pro-Life Certified Karen Handel to replace Tom Price; and our voice, creating a dialogue that promotes life, has a rare opportunity to be amplified many times over across the country.

We must let people know that the right to life is paramount.  Without life, the other rights have no meaning.  I know many of you have been accused of being a single-issue voter, and felt like you had to deny that accusation because of the accusatory voice in which it was delivered.  We aren’t single issue people, but we understand, that without the right to life, the other rights are meaningless and other policies don’t matter.

As many of you know, my husband was killed in a random act of violence last summer.  He was foreign born, from Iran.  When he had life, visa policy, economic policy, and foreign policy were all deeply and personally important to him.  Once he was deprived of life, none of those things mattered to him at all.  

It is the same for the vulnerable unborn and the elderly.  Life is not the only thing that matters, but without it, nothing matters.  

We have an opportunity to explain why it is so important to protect human life and to promote the right to life of all from conception to natural death.  Our message, delivered during this runoff, can spread from this district, through the state, to the entire country, as the eyes of the country are focused on this election.

If you are in the district you can vote for the pro-life candidate, but for the majority of you who cannot vote in the 6th district, you can still join with us to promote life. This is not something Georgia Life Alliance Committee can do without your help.

Please join with us, to take advantage of this important opportunity.

  1. PRAY for wisdom as we continue to actively develop our communication strategy regarding this election.

  2. SHARE our videos, posts, and tweets.

  3. GIVE so that we can promote a message of life and speak up for the vulnerable unborn children, so that their voice is not lost in this election.  Here is the link to our giving page.

Donate to the General Fund to support this opportunity.

This is such an exciting time.  I thank you for your generous support that has allowed us to issue Pro-Life Certifications to candidates who applied and were qualified, and conduct live Facebook interviews about life that were watched by so many the week before the election.

Please consider giving generously.


Camila (Wright) Zolfaghari
Executive Director
Georgia Life Alliance Committee