On Monday, Governor Deal challenged those gathered at his inauguration: “While we have accomplished much, we have much left to do.” There is more truth to this statement than many know, especially with regard to the continuing fight to protect the most vulnerable in our state. Approximately nineteen (19) “abortion clinics” currently operate in our state. This number does not include medical doctors who regularly conduct abortions, nor does it include hospitals at which abortions are an approved procedure. Guttmacher Institute reported there were 34,910 women that obtained abortions in Georgia in 2011. Though we do not have the numbers yet, undoubtedly there was a similar amount in 2014. Also, 2014 re-introduced the world to a “compassionate killing” in the form of a scheduled suicide by Brittany Maynard, who took advantage of the laws of Oregon to schedule and accomplish her own death. Her story has re-opened the Kavorkian debate, disguised by happy wedding pictures and passionate testimony of living daily life with constant pain.

You may think our state is set and our laws fortified, but we at Georgia Life Alliance know the tide is so easily turned when ill-advised culture speaks with soundbites and pictures and makes death seem like a compassionate alternative. The voiceless voices of the tens of thousands of unborn children in Georgia continue to lose their lives because our law protects the choice to abort and because culturally, we still feign at the comment “well that is a private decision between a woman and her doctor.”   But it’s not an isolated decision or just an “occupant” – it’s a baby whose rights should be equal and should alter the rights of a parent who can fight for his or her own survival.

Georgia Life Alliance Committee, with Director of Operations Kristina Twitty and Executive Director Emily Matson will be on the ground at the Georgia Capitol this legislative session, tracking legislation which touches on life-related issues, as well as advocating for our own positively pro-life agenda. Our agenda items include: (1) Strengthening the reporting requirements for abortion procedures to ensure we have accurate and timely data on abortions done in our state and (2) insuring that the Parental Notice statutes help young women receive the full protection of the law when they are young and in need of wisdom regarding the very serious and life-altering decision related to their teen pregnancy. We will forge our way through the halls of the Capitol (and traffic) for this issue and to follow our passion to grow a pro-life culture in Georgia. We want to keep you informed and hear from you throughout this legislation session, so please fill out the form below to stay updated. And we may need your help along the way to make sure our message of life is heard by our Representatives and Senators.

Please be on the lookout for our Calls to Action, which will be sent out on a regular basis and support our investment and work with a GIFT to Georgia Life Alliance Committee.

Devoted to Growing a Pro-Life Culture:

Emily Matson

Executive Director, Georgia Life Alliance

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