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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Less than one year after we became the National Right to Life’s official Georgia Affiliate, we’ve received our IRS letter!

A letter from the IRS this time of year isn’t usually good news, but this one is different! This letter means gifts made to Georgia Life Alliance are officially tax deductible on your federal tax returns.

We’ve accomplished a lot since our founding, last March. Click on each item below to learn more!

I’ve been trying to keep you updated on our progress on our Facebook page, Twitter and website. And I hope you will visit our blog for more stories about how GLA is expanding the culture of life in Georgia.

We cannot succeed without you. Your alliance and collaboration with us, makes us the Alliance we are, and we are so thankful for your support. If you have any questions about our efforts and how you can help, please contact Kristina at 678-597-8055 or [email protected].

“Voice for the Voiceless,” GLA’s very first public event, was hosted on January 21st, the eve of the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade at the State Capitol. Approximately 50 people, including 20 members of the State House and Senate, came together for encouragement in a common mission to affirm the value of all life in Georgia. Pro-life advocates from like-minded organizations, and several executive directors of pregnancy centers from across the state were in attendance and recognized as well.

The luncheon event highlighted the life-saving impact that Pregnancy Care Centers have had for 35 years in Georgia. Two women told their respective stories of unplanned pregnancies, underscoring not only the devastating effects of abortion, but confirming that women will choose life more readily when truth, compassion and genuine help are offered to them. The tireless efforts of pregnancy centers have resulted in the birth decisions of countless women and families, and GLA expressed its commitment to supporting their ongoing role in changing the culture.

Martha Zoller, radio hostess and GLA Founding Board Member related some of her own experiences as a mother that have compelled her to be active in the pro-life movement.

The time was concluded with Executive Director, Emily Matson, and Operations Director, Kristina Twitty, from GLA speaking of the continuing need for perseverance in advocating for life within our government and through our personal spheres of influence.