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Monthly Archives: October 2015

On October 23, the U.S. House of Representatives will consider H.R. 3762, the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act.

Georgia Life Alliance strongly supports this measure in Washington to dismantle the massively flawed academic experiment of Obamacare. Not only has Obamacare failed to improve or protect healthcare for our citizens, but it is laden with provisions which erode both the rights of unborn children and adults at risk of the rationing of healthcare. H.R. 3762 also includes a specific provision to block, for one year, almost all federal payments to affiliates of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and which perform elective abortions. This provision applies to the money pipeline including specific family planning funding and Medicaid as well as the CHIP, Title V and XX block grant programs. In total, it would cut off approximately 89% of all federal funds to Planned Parenthood. Consequently, the monies taken from Planned Parenthood are reallocated to community health centers.


As Georgia Congressman Tom Price stated in his report from the Committee on the Budget:

“Obamacare must be dismantled. The aim is not only to reject this illegitimately conceived government expansion, which still–more than 5 years after its enactment–lacks the support of even a simple majority of the American public. It is not just to replace one national health program with another. The point is to discard the entire pretense of nationalized medicine, and recognize that health care works best when it promotes the most important and basic relationship in medicine–the one between the patient and the doctor. Everything else in the $3 trillion health care network–hospitals, nurses, technicians, medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, health insurers, and many more–revolves around that fundamental partnership.


We urge our Georgia Congressman to vote “yea” on both the roll call vote and the final passage of H.R. 3762.


Is Your Church a Pro-Life Church?

Pastor John Ensor

Pastor John Ensor

Recently, we had a Youtube livestream with Pastor John Ensor who for the last 20 years has served as a leader of the pregnancy help movement as a speaker, author, mentor and co-laborer.
John serves as the President of PassionLife, a global missions initiative dedicated to helping churches and mission workers disarm the powers of death with the gospel of life in countries suffering the highest rates of abortion, infanticide, and gendercide.

During the interview, Pastor Ensor discusses this basic frame-work for Pastors to lead well on the issue of abortion and the 9 marks of a ProLife church.

Share these guidelines with your pastor or Respect Life ministry and download a bookmark here:

John Ensor - Georgia Life Alliance - 9 Marks of a Pro Life Church

Every month we’ll honor an activist, elected official, candidate, or pastor who has dedicated their life to protecting the unborn in Georgia. This month’s, our first ever honoree is Mary Boyert:

Mary Boyert

Mary Boyert has fought for the protection of the unborn in Georgia since 1978. Mary has persistently devoted herself to the pro-life cause, having served as the President (1980-1986) and then Executive Director of Georgia Right to Life (1986-2000) and more recently as the Archdiocesan Pro-Life Director (2000-2015). Mary’s patient methods,institutional history, and servant-spirit have achieved an unprecedented respect among the pro-life community, whether in the local parish or in the halls of the State Capitol. Throughout her tenure, the rate of abortions in Georgia has steadily decreased and Mary can be credited with essential participation in legislative achievements to that end: including Georgia’s Parental Notification law, the Womans Right to Know Act, requiring ultrasounds be made available to abortion clinic patients, and efforts to ensure no taxpayer funding for abortions in Georgia. Mary has achieved much and despite her supposed retirement this summer, we at GLA are hopeful that she will travel down to the Capitol at least a few more legislative sessions and help those of us still pounding the marble tiles for justice for the unborn!