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Monthly Archives: March 2016



2016 Primary and General Election
Candidate Questionnaires Received

Georgia House District (HD)
HD 4 – Carpenter Questionnaire 2016
HD 7 – Snider Questionniare 2016
HD 19 – Rakestraw Questionnaire 2016
HD 22 – Cantrell Questionnaire 2016
HD 25 – Jones Questionnaire 2016
HD 31 – Lewis Questionnaire 2016
HD 34 – Lowe Questionnaire 2016
HD 72 – Clifton Questionnaire 2016

HD 73 – Talley Questionnaire 2016
HD 104 – Efstration Questionnaire 2016
HD 105 – Chandler Questionnaire 2016

HD 108 – Cox Questionnaire 2016 
HD 108 – Gabilondo Questionnaire 2016 (2)
HD 114 – Kirby Questionnaire 2016

HD 116 – England Questionnaire 2016
HD 123 – Newton Questionnaire 2016
HD 157 – Werkheiser Questionnaire 2016
HD 159 – Almond Questionnaire 2016

HD 180 – Spencer Questionnaire 2016


Georgia Senate District (SD)
SD 21 – Barlow Questionnaire 2016
SD 21 – Beach Questionnaire 2016
SD 24 – Edge Questionnaire 2016
SD 32 – Hill Questionnaire 2016
SD 34 – Reeves Questionnaire 2016
SD 46 – Cowsert Questionnaire 2016

SD 46 – Daughtery Questionnaire 2016
SD 53 – Mullis Questionnaire 2016
SD 56 – Albers Questionnaire 2016


Georgia Congressional District (CD)
CD 3 – Pace Questionnaire 2016
CD 11 – Cowan Questionnaire 2016

CD 11 – Llop Questionnaire 2016
CD 11 – Loudermilk Questionnaire 2016 
CD 12 – Yu Questionnaire 2016

CD 14 – Tuck Questionnaire 2015


The Georgia Life Alliance  received the following candidate surveys during special elections in 2015:

Senate District 20 

Larry Walker’s Completed Survey (Elected 12/1)

House District 122 

Jodi Lott’s Completed Survey (Elected 12/1)


Keep HB 555 Alive for Unborn Lives!

CALL CHAIRMAN RICHARD SMITH NOW!House Bill 555 is a priority pro-life measure pending in the Georgia Legislature.

Our pro-life legislators sponsored and fought for this bill to PASS.  HB 555 will ensure:

1. 100% of Georgia’s women would have 100% information before choosing LIFE for their baby or an abortion.

2. Georgia’s Department of Public Health will know and publish 100% accurate statistics on MINOR GIRLS seeking an abortion without parental notice,The bill passed the HOUSE with the first part being stripped out.

The bill passed the SENATE with first part being amended back into the bill and HB 555 is once again a great PROLIFE piece of legislation.But the ABORTION LOBBY is fighting to kill HB 555 or strip it down again.

We need CHAIRMAN SMITH to keep HB 555 ALIVE for unborn lives!

CALL HIS OFFICE TODAY – 404-656-6831 –  ASK THAT HB 555 be passed with the Senate’s amendment!!

Georgia Life Alliance Committee

Last week, Georgia House Insurance Chairman, Richard Smith (R-Columbus) promised to kill a critical measure ensuring women get information prior to abortion. He needs to hear from you.

When first introduced in March of 2015, HB 555 had three parts.

1. To ensure all women seeking an abortion are given information required by law,
2. To ensure all fetal remains disposals are reported, and
3. To ensure the State Department of Public Health receives accurate numbers of girls under 18 obtaining an abortion through a judicial by-pass without a parent’s permission.

Before this bill even had a hearing in 2016, Chairman Smith struck parts 1 and 2. Part 3 passed the State House and went to the Senate. Last week, the Senate added Part 1 back into the bill by passing an amendment offered by Senator Cowsert. The amendment and the bill passed the Senate 37-17.

Upon HB 555’s return to the House, Chairman Smith has announced that either the Senate’s amendment be stripped from HB 555 or he will kill the bill.

As a crumb for the pro-life community, Chairman Smith will agree to HB 555 without the Senate’s amendment. As a promise to the abortion lobby, he will not agree to HB 555 if it ensures all abortion providers certify in every abortion that the patient has been provided informed consent prior to performing an abortion (surgical or chemical).

ACTION: Please call and email Rep. Richard Smith. Tell him to allow a vote on HB 555 as amended by the Senate to ensure doctors give women critical information about abortion and other options before they make life-altering choice.

CALL: 404.656.6831
EMAIL: [email protected]

Thanks for your support!