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Dear Candidate:

It is our pleasure to invite you to apply for Georgia Life Alliance’s Pro-Life Certification. Georgia Life Alliance is the only Georgia affiliate for the National Right to Life. Our core objective is to grow a culture of life in our state by working with individuals and organizations who value the sanctity of human life – from conception to natural death.

This year, Georgia Life Alliance Committee (GLAC) will again offer an official “Pro-Life Certification” for those candidates seeking to retain public office or to be elected for the first time. For new candidates, we reserve the right to conduct an interview regarding your additional qualifications for certification. All candidates who seek the GLA Pro-Life Certification and are granted said certification must agree to GLA’s Terms of Use on page three of this document prior to receiving the seal.

In addition to issuing Pro-Life Certification:

1. GLAC will post a copy of your original questionnaire (the last three pages of this document only) for viewing on our website and alert our followers to this information.

2. GLAC will issue you a Certified Pro-Life seal.

3. GLAC will send out a press release with information regarding your certification.

4. GLAC will use social media to promote your certification and any thing you do or post that shows your commitment to and the importance of the issue of the value of human life; including, but not limited to abortion, foster care, adoption, human trafficking, and euthanasia. (Make sure your media people tag us.)

5. GLAC may conduct a video interview with you and allow you to tell your story and promote your commitment to promoting the value of human life to our members.

Please complete this document in full and return the original via email to [email protected] or via mail to Georgia Life Alliance Committee – 2451 Cumberland Pkwy, Ste. 3205, Atlanta, GA 30339.

We hope you will find affiliation with Georgia Life Alliance and the National Right to Life to be an essential part of developing your identity as an ideal pro-life candidate. Please feel free to email [email protected] or call us if you have any questions: 678-597-8055

Working Together to Grow a Culture of Life,

Joshua Edmonds, Executive Director

PS – If you are on Social Media, we’d love to connect with you: or on Twitter @GaLifeAlliance.

To learn more about our organization, please visit our website at

The Pro-Life Certification Program takes considerable time and administrative resources, so please consider making a non-tax deductible gift to cover our administrative costs to Georgia Life Alliance Committee, a 501(c)(4) organization by clicking here.