Karen Handel and Kay Kirkpatrick

Two Georgia Life Alliance Committee Certified Pro-Life candidates are currently in runoff races in the north metro area of Atlanta.

Karen Handel is in the race to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and Handel’s election is set for June 20, 2017.  You can click here to view her questionnaire responses.

Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick is in the race to replace State Senator Judson Hill in the 32nd State Senate District.  Dr. Kirkpatrick’s election is set for May 16, 2017.  Early voting starts on the 8th in Cobb and the 6th in Fulton.  You can click here to view her questionnaire responses.

Many have noted that there is considerable confusion about the dates of these runoff races.  The original elections were on the same date, but the runoff races, one federal and one state, are in different months.

All candidates for both of these races were sent information about how to become Pro-Life Certified at the same time.  The information that was sent as well as blank questionnaires and applications can be viewed here.

Georgia Life Alliance Committee does not pick candidates to endorse, but rather focuses on certifying candidates pro-life based on their application, questionnaire, and record, and supplying voters with information about the candidates and the races.