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Down Syndrome and the Value of Human Life

Have you ever seen the beauty of a family gifted a child with Down syndrome?  They struggle with medical issues and exhaustion, but through that a beautiful flower of life blooms.  As they accept the death of the vision of the accomplishments they pictured for their child; they find they are holding a new, glorious, precious life, and discover the immeasurable value of that child’s life separate from anything they may accomplish.  These families, who learn to separate the sacred value of life from what the life will achieve, begin to glow as they reflect the precious beauty of that life, and they bless all around them.

It is as if the beauty of a delicate flower is combined with the beauty of a diamond, forged through fire and crushing pressure.  There is nothing more beautiful.

The world we want to create is a world that sees the precious value of all life.  It is a beautiful world.

But the world we are facing now, is a world of darkness.  It is a world that is accepting the murder of every single child diagnosed with Down syndrome in Iceland.  Did you read the report from CBS this week?  Literally, no more than three babies with Down syndrome have been born in Iceland for many years.  The beauty of these lives have been nearly eradicated. They have all been aborted.  No one talks of the value of the lives that are being ended.  It looks so much like Nazi Germany, where “undesirables” were put away and only the “perfect” were valued.

We must not let this happen in Georgia.  We are not at 100% in Georgia, but we are heading down that path.  Increasingly, more and more children in the United States diagnosed with Down syndrome are killed before they are born.

The culture’s loss of understanding of the value of human life has so many deadly symptoms.  It leads to the killing of the unborn, the buying a selling of our teenagers in human trafficking, the exploitation of the developmentally disabled, and the euthanasia of the elderly.  It leads to random acts of violence where strangers are killed for no reason.  It leads to suicide and depression, because people do not understand the value of their own life.

This is why our work is so important and we need you to join us to change the culture.  We cannot do this work on our own.   The $3 million dollar grant we created does not involve money that will ever land in our hands.  We are solely supported by you and other like-minded, individuals who want to live in a world where all life is valued.

This is why I hope many of you can join us at our black-tie gala on October 21, 2017.  Tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite, but you can avoid paying the extra fees by contacting me directly.  Just reply to this email.

Do you want to grow a culture that values life?  Here are three things you can do:

1.      Forward this to friends.

2.      Plan to attend the gala.

3.      Give today.

We want to directly address the abortion of children with Down syndrome through education and legislation in the coming legislative sessions.  We need your help so that we don’t become Iceland.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Camila (Wright) Zolfaghari
678-597-8055[email protected]

ATLANTA — Life Resources of Georgia, a nonprofit organization, has signed a contract to facilitate the Positive Alternative for Pregnancy and Parenting Program grant, designed by Georgia Life Alliance, to provides $3 million dollars to cover services for pregnant women that will extend through the first year of the child’s life.  This grant will make it possible for qualifying non-profit organizations throughout Georgia to soon be applying for grants to provide a wide range of services to pregnant women, mothers and children.The Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Program was designed to provide free services for women, including prenatal services, health assessments, life skill development, parenting support, and more.

“The Positive Alternatives Grant Program has been a priority for Georgia Life Alliance for the last two years and we have worked with the legislature, the Department of Public Health, organizations serving pregnant women, and Life Resources of Georgia to make this a reality,” said Camila Wright Zolfaghari, Executive Director of Georgia Life Alliance. “Georgia Life Alliance is committed to the idea that all life has value and deserves to be supported and celebrated: born and unborn, urban and rural, planned and unplanned, mother and child.”

Life Resources of Georgia aims to expand the services and standard of care that women and children receive through the non-profit organizations that will receive this grant funding. “Life Resources of Georgia looks forward to working hand in hand with the Department of Public Health to ensure that pregnant women and young mothers in our state have the excellence care that they need,” said Christina Middleton, Executive Director of Life Resources of Georgia.

There are over 70 pregnancy assistance organizations throughout Georgia, both in the metro and rural areas of Georgia, and over half are healthcare facilities providing medical services free of charge. We applaud the state of Georgia and its leaders for standing with these worthy organizations that are making such a positive difference in the lives of so many women and their children.

“We thank all of our friends in the legislature who made this bill a priority, and particularly our bill sponsor Senator Renee Unterman,” said Zolfaghari.  “We are also grateful for Lt Governor Casey Cagle and the bill’s co-sponsors, Senators David Shafer, Dean Burke, Bruce Thompson, and Greg Kirk; and Representatives Terry England, Sharon Cooper, and Scot Turner.  Each of these legislators went above and beyond to show that they value all human life and are committed to providing high quality services for mothers and children throughout Georgia.“


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