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Life At The Capitol- 2/23/19

GLA put together an aggressive legislative agenda for 2019, and our team has been working vigilantly to accomplish it and represent you, our Pregnancy Resource Centers, and the pro-life movement at the Capitol since Session convened. 

We are officially halfway through the Session; so here’s a look at what we’ve been working on so far in 2019:

SB 104: Simon’s Law
Simon Crosier was born in 2010 with Trisomy 18. He lived for 3 beautiful months before he passed away. After his death, however, his parents were horrified to learn that a Do Not Resuscitate order had been placed in his file without their knowledge or consent. Simon’s Law ensures that a DNR is never issues for a minor patient without parental consent

Senator Chuck Payne’s SB 104 was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee this week and we expect it will be heard again next week and passed out for a vote on the Senate floor. We have been working with Simon’s parents since 2016 to bring this legislation to Georgia and we are confident 2019 is the year it will be signed into law.

HB 345: Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act
In prisons and jails around America, pregnant inmates are handcuffed, shackled, and restrained both in prison and during labor/delivery. This practice is unethical and dangerous to mothers and babies. President Trump signed the First Step Act in December 2018, which prohibited the practice in federal prisons.

Representative Sharon Cooper’s HB 345 would prohibit shackling a pregnant inmate during her second and third trimester, during labor and delivery, or during her postpartum period in any penal institution in Georgia. This will allow women to protect themselves and their babies from accidents, ensure a safe and health delivery for mom and baby, and protect the dignity of moms everywhere.

HB 234: Anti-Human Trafficking Protective Response Act
The fight against human trafficking in Georgia evolves regularly as those who sell and buy children for sex or labor find new and more sinister ways to victimize the innocent. In response, Georgia is always working to tighten, adapt, and better enforce our anti-trafficking laws.

Representative Chuck Efstration’s HB 234 would equip law enforcement with additional tools to investigate and prosecute those who enable human trafficking as well as ensure that rescued child victims should receive trauma-informed treatment rather than being subjected to arrest and treatment as a criminal.

Positive Alternative for Parenting & Pregnancy Grant
In 2016 and 2017, GLA wrote and championed a new state grant that would allow for Pregnancy Resource Centers to obtain state grants to purchase new ultrasound machines, make facility repairs and improvements, etc. Many centers have taken advantage of this grant and lives have been saved thanks to it.

We are working to ensure Georgia’s 2019-2020 budget includes funding for this grant once again so that women in low income/rural communities, or who are facing complex situations surrounding their pregnancy, can receive the resources and support they need.

They’re Dead, Jim
With your support, we have fought and successfully defeated two dangerous pieces of legislation that would have turned the clock back on women’s rights in Georgia. The Equal Rights Amendment, which would have legalized abortion on demand, and HB188, which would have repealed the Positive Alternative Grant, are both dead in Georgia. 

Coming Soon
We have two additional pieces of legislation that we are working on with several lawmakers, the Governor, and our nonprofit partners that would protect the sanctity of life in Georgia. Once we can share more information about them, you’ll hear more from us!

Thank You For Your Support
Without you, it would be impossible to achieve success at the Capitol. For those who have signed petitions, donated, shared, and called or emailed your elected officials, thank you. Please continue your support and be praying for us as we march toward the next milestone of the Legislative Session, Crossover Day on March 7th. 

Together for life,

Joshua Edmonds
Executive Director

Originally published for GLA by The Resurgent.

And everyone like her. Everyone on “the other side.” The “pro-aborts” and the “radicals.” 

We need to have a conversation.

We made a post recently mentioning that we should watch Stacey Abrams’ Democrat response to President Trump’s State of the Union as it is highly suspected that she will be running for US Senate next year against Senator David Perdue.

Many folks responded by talking about voter dynamics in Georgia and her prospects in another statewide election here. But, some took the opportunity to make personal attacks on Stacey, calling her names, making unfounded accusations, insulting her physical appearance, and even making suggestively violent comments. 

I hope you can see that this is obviously a problem. 

Let me reiterate something that, perhaps forgotten in the fray of heated partisan politics over the last few years, we’ve lost sight of:

The pro-life position is a pro-woman position. It is pro-dignity, nonpartisan, non-sectarian, and hinges solely on the sanctity of all human life – for both the born and preborn, male and female, rich and poor, Republican and Democrat, healthy and disabled, religious and nonreligious, and regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity – because all life is made in the image of God.

That’s why we work to create positive alternatives for pregnancy and parenting, but we also oppose things like sex trafficking, advocate for dignity and accessibility for the differently-abled, ensure every child has a safe and loving home, AND oppose abortion. 

This isn’t about conceding a single premise of our beliefs. We can and should disagree on politics, policy, and philosophy with those who don’t advocate for the sanctity of human life. This is simply about being consistent with how and where we apply those beliefs. 

Pro-lifers passionately argue against exceptions when it comes to anti-abortion laws, but many seem perfectly content to carve out exceptions for valuing the dignity and lives of our political and ideological opponents. That has to end.

For the pro-life movement to truly be effective, let alone survive, we must recognize that if we are unable to love the abortion doctor, Democrat politician, and mother in crisis as much as we love babies in the womb, we’ve already lost. 

It’s time for us to put aside political rhetoric that divides and unite behind the only thing that should matter as we advocate for the pro-life position: all life is precious.