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This is a guest editorial from our statewide partners Abiding Love Adoptions in celebration of National Adoption Month. For more information, contact Vicki Colls and Carrie Murray Nellis.

Delving into one’s family tree is a favorite pastime for all peoples throughout the world! has sold over 15 million kits.  Many older adoptees, placed for adoption during the closed adoption era, are using to locate birth parents and birth families with great success. Most everyone…..E V E R Y O N E wants to know more about their roots! Therefore, it begs the question, why does closed or semi-open adoption still have a seat at the table?

At Abiding Love, we believe wholeheartedly in the concept of One Big Family (#onebigfamily) created through Open Adoption. Research shows the devasting effects in which closed and semi-open adoptions (a tiny step above closed) have on Adoptees and Birth Parents. At Abiding Love, 98% of our adoptions are wide open, sharing names, phone numbers, emails, and visits. The other 2% are different because it was the desire of the Birth Mother at the time, with the hope she will change her mind to have an Open Adoption in the future, and the adoptive parents are ready when she does.

Abiding Love walks with an Expectant Mother through her pregnancy, delivery, and post-adoption (hands-on; face to face interaction). We come to the Expectant Mother; she does not have to worry about coming to us. Once a woman comes into our lives, she becomes a member of the Abiding Love Family to always be treasured and loved—1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years down the road—Never Alone, Never Forgotten, Always Loved. Abiding Love’s advocates stand in the gap for the expectant mother, ensuring she knows her rights, understands the legal paperwork, and signs a legally enforceable open adoption agreement. The legally binding open adoption agreement is the one listed in Georgia’s Adoption Code and ensures the original open adoption the birth mother agrees to is enforced. 

One of the many things that makes Abiding Love different, is that we have NO WAIT LIST.  For us, we believe that in order for us to truly be advocating for an Expectant Parent, we cannot have a list of Prospective Adoptive Parents waiting in the wings to adopt her child.  Likewise, Prospective Adoptive Parents should not be limited to one agency to work with.  While we provide Home Study services, after we complete the Home Study we encourage Prospective Adoptive Parents to work with Adoption Consultants.    

Our passion, our mission is to love women through one of the most challenging times of their lives. Adoption is not for everyone, and there are times where the women we work with choose to parent. In these situations, we are called to be their cheerleaders.  There are other times that adoption is the best option and plan for the Mother and her child, and Abiding Love is there to advocate for her through it all. Abiding Love is known for being present post-adoption through support groups and professional counseling. Again, once a member of Abiding Love’s family, always a member. 

Want to learn more, or are you an expectant mother needing help? Visit our website at, call or text 1-800-277-0748; or call Vicki at 912-660-8227.

Georgia Life Alliance recently uncovered a secret plot by NARAL, a national group fighting to legalize abortion until and after birth, to target pro-life lawmakers around Georgia with “gotcha questions” that they can capture on camera and use out of context to attack them with later.

When we uncovered their plot, we exposed them to our pro-life lawmakers in the State House and Senate to warn them to be prepared to be attacked in their districts this summer. But, since their strategy could easily turn against pro-lifers in the community as well, we’ve compiled their own sample questions and laid out answers to study and be prepared for pro-abortion attacks this summer.

Question 1: Do you support criminalizing abortion in Georgia?
Abortion is already criminalized in Georgia after 20 weeks, with certain exceptions. The Heartbeat Bill would simply move the marker for a criminal abortion from 20 weeks (when a baby in the womb can feel the pain of being killed during an abortion) back to when a baby’s heart begins to beat and can be detected – typically around 6 weeks.

  • Will there be cases where someone gets an abortion and then someone is held accountable for that?
    • That is already the case for all abortions in Georgia. Abortions must be documented and reported by abortionists to appropriate agencies. Criminal abortions are often uncovered by investigations by concerned communities or women who were victimized by abortionists who violate the law.
  • Who do you think should face criminal penalties? 
    • Abortionists who break the law currently face criminal and civil penalties in Georgia. Women are exempt from prosecution under previous court rulings and state law.
  • How would you know who the doctor is? Would you force women to give up their doctors? How would you pressure them to do that? If a woman refuses to give up the doctor, could she face legal repercussions?
    • As stated already, when a doctor commits an abortion, it is already reported to appropriate agencies. We know who commits abortions in Georgia and abortionists who violate the law can be easily identified and held accountable.
  • What about women that self-induce an abortion?
    • As stated already, women who self-induce abortions are exempt both in statute and in previous court rulings.

Question 2: Personhood: Should a fetus have the same legal protections as any human?
Yes, that’s current Georgia law for children over 20 weeks old in the womb who are targeted for abortion or for any child who is killed by a negligent third party under our feticide law. The Heartbeat Bill simply moves the marker for those legal protections back to when a baby’s heartbeat is detected (typically around 6 weeks) for babies targeted for abortions, adds additional protections under the feticide law, and adds those children into the state tax law and child support law.

  • How does this bill affect incarcerated pregnant people? How is a fetus protected in prisons and jails?
    • The Heartbeat Bill does not specifically add protections for children in the womb of a mother who is incarcerated. However, the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act (HB 345) –  which was championed by the leading pro-life organization in the state (Georgia Life Alliance), authored by the House HHS Committee Chairman who approved the Heartbeat Bill (Rep. Sharon Cooper), and sponsored in the Senate by the same Senator who sponsored the Heartbeat Bill (Senator Renee Unterman) – provides protections to pregnant incarcerated women from being shackled and helps ensure healthy mothers and healthy babies in our prisons and jails.

Question 3: Does [HB] 481 include any safeguards against pregnant people who experience a miscarriage from being investigated?
Women experiencing the tragedy of miscarriage and the doctors providing them care are already protected under Georgia law and in previous court rulings from investigation after miscarriage. The Heartbeat Bill adds additional protections for them and does not reduce current law.

  • How would you go about investigating a woman who had just had a pregnancy loss? There have already been instances around the country of women who have been interrogated in their hospital beds, and imprisoned after losing a pregnancy. Is this something you want to see in Georgia?
    • As already stated, Women and their doctors are protected from this in Georgia law and in previous court rulings from being investigated or prosecuted after pregnancy loss. A woman is not currently at risk of investigation and the Heartbeat Bill does not change that.

Question 4: How do you think this bill affects maternal mortality?
According to academic studies, abortion is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality worldwide due to the number 1 complication of abortions after 6-8 weeks being obstetric hemorrhaging. Because 5 of the 10 worse Georgia counties for maternal mortality (Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Clayton, and Cobb) account for 36% of maternal mortality cases as well as 56% of all abortions statewide, we can reasonably assume that the Heartbeat Bill will help decrease maternal deaths and injuries so long as abortion doctors do not commit abortions illegally despite the law.

  • Georgia has the highest maternal mortality rate in the country and half our counties don’t have OBGYNs. Why were those issues not prioritized if we care about human life?
    • While Georgia certainly has more work to do to improve our maternal mortality numbers and provide the best care for women and children in our state, I don’t imagine opponents of the Heartbeat Bill would suddenly support it if we had the best maternal mortality numbers in the country. This year, we did form a study committee of experts to work with providers and stakeholders around the state to find the best solutions rather than impulsive measures to help address the issue.

Few in Christendom would disagree with the reality that abortion is the single biggest human rights’ violation of our generation. The dehumanizing and devaluing of an entire people group, the preborn children, merely because of their location has cost millions of lives since the passing of Roe v Wade in 1973. In a world that has rejected God that is not altogether surprising but what is surprising is that this Holocaust is taking place in an area that was once committed to doing no harm and represents themselves as the beacon of care and that is the medical field and more specifically obstetrics.

What a curious thing that an area of medicine and not just any area of medicine but the very field that is entrusted with the care of a mother and her child is the contributing to, promoting and supporting this genocide of an entire people group-the preborn. Victor Frankel, during WWII, had a famous quote where he said, “The ovens of Auschwitz, were prepared in the classrooms of Germany.”(1) This terrifying truth is exactly the reality today that the deaths of millions of preborn children, were prepared in the classrooms of college classes that are supposed to teach on medicine, the helping and healing of others but rather teach on the systematic desensitizing of how medical students would see the child in utero.

The field of obstetrics has dehumanized the preborn child in such a manner that ob/gyns can perform an abortion and actually think they are doing some sort of good for society. How can this field that is supposed to be dedicated to the care of a mother and her child have fallen so far? It goes back to Victor Frankel’s famous quote and there is an organization that has been all too happy to make sure that those very doctors who were educated in the area of gynecology and obstetrics become removed from seeing the preborn child as a distinct individual made uniquely in God’s Image with a purpose and just as much value as the human being outside of the womb. 
This organization is called ACOG. The wolf in sheep’s clothing. ACOG is the acronym for The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. This is a 501(c)(3) organization. It is the nation’s leading group of physicians providing healthcare for women. It has about 58,000 members and they are said to strongly advocate for quality healthcare for women, promote patient education, bring awareness to issues facing women and supposedly maintain the highest standards of clinical practice and continuing education. They have a 501(c)(6) companion organization as well.

Most would hear the name ACOG and the description of all that they do for “women’s healthcare” and applaud this organization for having the backs of women, but this organization has a not so hidden agenda that does not care for the health and rights of all women as the precious females ( and males) in utero are not included in this quality of care but rather are targets of ACOG’s agenda to promote and encourage performing abortions as well as promoting fetal tissue experimentation. How can an educated, developed society offer its youngest members to the fires of Molech and what makes this so sinister is the fact that this education of dehumanizing and desensitizing is taking place in the classrooms that are supposed to be places of learning to do no harm, use medicine to heal and help and champion life but that is not what is happening.

ACOG must be exposed. At its foundation, ACOG is all about promoting abortion. ACOG believes that the harm of a preborn child is more important than protecting them. One of the founding fellows of ACOG, joining in 1952, Dr Jane Hodgson was a longtime abortion rights advocate. Right here we see the very foundation of ACOG was founded in a culture of death cleverly disguised as women’s healthcare. Dr. Hodgson was such a strong supporter of abortion that she received the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award in 1995. Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood was a eugenist and this award is founded in applauding the recipient’s work in abortion advocating which of course is in essence an award applauding the furthering of the culture of death and marginalizing an entire people group’s lives.

ACOG is founded in promoting abortion and they are bold in their evil views toward dehumanizing the preborn children as they promote that the sick in utero and those preborn babies seen as “inconvenient” be aborted. ACOG has openly said they believe that “personhood” for the preborn child takes away from abortion rights so like Planned Parenthood they have an abortion agenda but again the terrifying thing is that ACOG is involved with the medical field, the very field that is to be committed to helping and healing, not destroying lives. ACOG recommends integrating first trimester abortion training into family medicine training. How ironic, yet again, that “family” medicine would be an area that ACOG would want to see one of the family members destroyed merely because of the geographical location of the child. It would be criminal to suggest that a child outside of the womb be destroyed due to health status or no longer wanted, yet ACOG has open season on the preborn child’s destruction.

Let’s take the first point “Implement the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirement that all obstetrics and gynecology residency programs provide training in comprehensive women’s reproductive health care, including opt-out abortion training, in which training is routinely integrated into residency but residents with religious or moral objections can opt out of participation.” This is not a mere ‘opt-out’ as stated by ACOG but a “requirement that all obstetrics and gynecology residency programs provide training in comprehensive women’s reproductive health care, including opt-out abortion training, in which training is routinely integrated into residency but residents with religious or moral objections can opt out of participation.”(1) And yet digging deeper, if medicine desires to retrain people’s views or more so sink deep into people’s minds that abortion is a mere “blob of tissue” being removed or “a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body” then is this statement of ‘opt-out’ even considered an option? If ACOG requires medicine to harm a woman by destroying her child then how can ACOG say they truly care for women?
(ACOG. “Abortion Training and Education” PMLA no. 612, November 2014 They require OBs to train in abortion.

Another statement which is a contradiction if ACOG is going to ‘opt-out’ on abortion training yet say that they will “Include abortion education in the curricula of all medical schools” then this is not a “your view vs my view” but a forced agenda from ACOG misrepresenting OB/GYN care or frankly choosing to redefine what true woman and child healthcare looks like. If medicine desires to “include abortion education in curricula of all medical schools” then how can an OB/GYN learn proper medical care for a preborn child who is in the womb if one continuously says to abort this child? How then can a medical doctor in training learn that life is to be taken literally if they are being educated through a lens of ‘choice’ rather than being educated through a lens of care.

In an article from ACOG in March of 2016, they state, “However, current attacks on fetal tissue research, part of an effort to oppose and disparage safe, legal abortion in this country, represent a significant setback in our Nation’s approach to science and our patients’ hope for future breakthroughs.”(1) This sounds like something out of a Planned Parenthood newsletter not from an organization that is a group of medical people supposedly dedicated to the care of women and families. Experimenting on fetal tissue also sounds like something out of the experiments done during Nazi Germany another time in our history where an entire people group was dehumanized and a society was brainwashed willingly into marginalizing the lives of millions to the point of sitting by silently as that people group was exterminated.
(DeFrancesco, Mark S., MD, MBA, President of the ACOG American College of OBGYN. “ACOG statement of fetal tissue research.” PMLA no. 1

ACOG also promotes and advocates for fetal tissue research.  In March of 2016, they sent out a letter saying, “As leading academic medical centers and scientific and medical societies who conduct and support life-saving research, we have grave concerns about legislative proposals to restrict the use of fetal tissue for research.”(1) This is directly linked with abortion. They say in one breath they want to do fetal tissue research to help others and yet that very help comes only through the death of an innocent victim – the preborn child.
Associate of American Medical Colleges. “AAMC.” PMLA no. 1 March 18, 2016

In November of 2014, in ACOG’s Committee Opinion, they say, “Safe, legal abortion is a necessary component of women’s health care.  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists supports the availability of high- quality reproductive health services for all women and is committed to improving access to abortion.  Access to abortion is threatened by state and federal government restrictions, limitations on public funding for abortion services and training, stigma, violence against abortion providers and death of abortion providers.”(1)  This organization is not committed to the whole health care of a women when they point blank are advocating for the death of the preborn child.  This poses mammoth ethical issues when medical students are being desensitized to the life of the preborn child and educated that abortion is a form of women’s healthcare.
ACOG. “Abortion Training and Education” PMLA no. 612, November 2014 They believe that abortion is “women’s healthcare.”
Death of a people group should never be viewed as any form of health care, but when an organization like ACOG is endorsing and encouraging education on abortions then young medical students are being slowly lulled into believing that taking a life is actually a form of health care.  How can that ever be ethical.

Caring for women’s health will never mean empowering them to choose death and caring for women’s health will never mean educating future doctors that ending an innocent human being’s life is ever the answer.  And what a brutal death it is for that preborn child no matter at what gestational age. And ACOG does not even present the accurate information on fetal pain as they wrongly educate and completely dismiss the horrific pain that preborn child feels during the abortion procedure. A preborn child DOES experience pain and ACOG completely denies this truth.

ACOG said, “A human fetus does not have the capacity to experience pain until after viability. Rigorous scientific studies have found that the connections necessary to transmit signals from peripheral sensory nerves to the brain, as well as the brain structures necessary to process those signals, do not develop until at least 24 weeks gestation…”(1) This is simple scientifically not accurate hence medical students are desensitized to the horrific pain the preborn child experiences during an abortion-starved to death in the first trimester and systematically dismembered in the second and third trimesters. Is this the action of a civilized society and furthermore is this medical care? Dismembering human beings? According to ACOG this is in fact medical care of the highest order and a generation of numb, callous ob/gyns is being cultivated to see abortion as medical care. Hitler was famous for saying if you tell a lie long enough, that people will believe it and that is what is happening through the lies of ACOG.
American College Obstetricians and Gynecology.“Facts Are Important Fetal Pain” PMLA no. 1 (July 2013) edia/Departments/Government-Re lations-and-Outreach/FactAreIm portFetalPain.pdf. They deny scientific proof that the babies in the womb feel pain.

The medical field along with ACOG is to blame for making murder legal. When an organization like ACOG that is held in high esteem that has the power to influence the medical field uses the vocabulary of medical care to describe the destruction of a people group, we have used semantics yet again to lull people into thinking that that which is outrageous is normal, good and right and that is what ACOG has been doing. Slavery, Jewish genocide, and more were all founded in a dehumanizing a vocabulary used to describe these people groups.

In Brennan’s “Dehumanizing the Vulnerable” he says so powerfully, “The power of language to color one’s view of reality is profound. In many instances, the most significant factor determining how an object will be perceived is not the nature of the object itself, but the words employed to characterize it.”(  1 ) Brennan hits the nail on the head. When an organization like ACOG champions abortion and uses the vocabulary of healthcare, not only does an entire population drink the koolaid but an entire generation of medical doctors embrace and act on that thinking and can with no moral convictions and no conviction of conscience tear a child limb from limb and stop that beating heart all in the name of women’s health care. How far have we fallen.

Doctors know that life begins at fertilization. The issue is not all about when does life begin, but will society continue to reject the evidence it has and counter argue the truth about life for a true undercut of the value of life by making up some seemingly “noble reason” to abort. If doctors advocate for abortion and society looks to doctors to have the answers then it is truly sheep being led to the slaughter.

ACOG is unethical in every manner suggesting abortion as health care and advocating for abortion training. Abortion training is unnecessary for reasons followed. Abortion is not medical care. Abortion is a procedure to take a living child out of his home. Obstetrics is supposed to care for the child and mother regardless of what another may say. This child is as much in a physician’s care as the mom. Treating an unborn with such disrespect as killing them deserves such punishment, by being racist towards someone giving or not giving certain care based on sickness. To deny a child the right to continue life because of sickness is racist and discriminatory.  Because a each patient is equal they deserve equal rights to care. HIPPA-the first oath states, “first, do not harm” this harm does not specify to whom to or not to not harm, but gives a general protection to all patients. Now if OB considers can unborn their patient, then how can harm be apart of this “care” from a medical standpoint and from HIPPAs requirements. If an unborn is a child/person which has already been established then how can a physician deny care to an unborn under HIPPA as consider reconcilable as ‘healthcare’ when one is breaching the oath of care and scaring a child. No person’s “healthcare” can ever be true care if a physician takes harm as the definition for a situation medically. Take a preborn child who supposedly has Trisomy 13, a physician wants to give “healthcare” advice by suggesting abortion. Now if this child is truly the doctor’s patient how can this medical person have the moral rights to suggest that this child is degraded to the degree of death?

I was one of those children. 19 years ago, my parents were completely shocked when they were in for a rude awakening that the medical field sometimes uses their power to advocate for death.

Three doctors insisted that my parents abort me and  the doctors’ rationale for insisting my life be ended was based on that they “assumed” I had Trisomy 18 so these doctors immediately devalued my very life, yes doctors, and relegated my life to being disposable and not worth fighting for and gave me a death sentence all because my only crime was being sick in utero. My parents to this day were and are dumbfounded that some in the medical community deem a child’s life in utero as disposable just because that child is sick. Thank heavens I have parents who allow God and the intrinsic value of all life to guide their decisions, unlike the medical field, and they fought for me and 19 years later here I am advocating for the value of ALL life and praying the medical field realizes they are not God and it is completely unethical, even without factoring in Biblical truth, to devalue ANY human life and to end human life in the name of medical care.

In the book, Dehumanizing the Vulnerable by Brennan, he says, “Today, scores of human lives before birth are proficiently snuffed out in a display of “raw medical power” in radical opposition to the physician-as-healer principle embodied in the doctor’s most basic code of ethics, the Hippocratic Oath, an oath containing explicit condemnations of killing, both inside and outside the womb. The uterus-once a private sanctuary suited for growth and development-has been transformed into a deadly environment polluted by the invasion of destructive instruments and poisonous substances. The bodies of the undesired unborn are torn apart, dismembered, obliterated, poisoned, or subjected to lethal injections. Their remains are exploited for research, harvested as tissue and organ trans-plants, and either incinerated or dumped into the sewage and waste disposal systems.”(page 27)

You can see how biased they are. They have abortion as a foundation goal for all eternity for ACOG but we will change that through exposing their deeds and praying for their hearts. If I could share this with the medical field what they are buying into and what foundation they are being taught I believe that maybe people would choose. I plead with you to hear and take in everything that I am sharing with you about what they say.

ACOG denies personhood to praise child killing. ACOG a systematic plot to take life. “Personhood” Measures: Impact on Contraception So-called “personhood” measures would establish fertilized eggs as separate legal persons under the laws of a state. These measures have qualified for the ballot in only two states—Colorado in 2008 and 2010, and Mississippi in 2011. All three failed by wide margins. These measures erode women’s right to privacy and bodily integrity, deny women access to the full spectrum of preventive health care including contraception, and undermine the doctor-patient relationship. As acknowledged by proponents, these measures would not only outlaw abortion but also embryonic stem cell research, infertility treatments, cancer treatments, and popular methods of birth control.”(2)
American College Obstetricians and Gynecology. “Talking Points on State Legislation “Personhood” Measures: Impact on Contraception.” PMLA no. 1 (February 10, 2012): They deny personhood and share why personhood is a threat.

Abortion, which is what ACOG advocates, takes away being able to focus on true healthcare which is helping the sick by helping these children in utero survive and by fighting for their lives which is what the medical field is called to do, no matter the outcome.

Please listen to this plea as the words written in this paper that are mine speak from a heart of sadness and wanting to emphasize how wrong it is for ACOG to use their power to advocate and educating for the taking of innocent lives. Please take these in as the painful truths about ACOG’s bias and protocol about who they really are. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. My heart is to see the medical field’s foundation transformed to God’s glory. May the unethical practices of ACOG be stopped.

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