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The Real Truth about Pregnancy Centers

By Lori Parker
Cobb Pregnancy Services Director

Apparently, as I was distracted with real life, a new late night talk show called Full Frontal has attracted a lot of viewers; especially young adults. The host is a woman named Samantha Bee who was a former correspondent for the Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart.

In a recent episode, Samantha Bee attacked the credibility of pregnancy centers and specifically attacked Georgia State Senator, Renee Unterman for comments she made against Planned Parenthood and for her support of pregnancy centers. Ms. Bee criticized the senator for speaking against the deceptive practices of PP but felt justified herself to accuse pregnancy centers of being deceptive and toxic to society. I would assume Ms. Bee would identify herself as “prochoice” like most pro-abortionists do even though they don’t have any regard for the efforts of pregnancy centers that at least help women consider other choices besides abortion.

14965484_mIn her dialogue, Bee repeated the rhetoric we hear from every pro-abortion group, calling us fake clinics that operate without proper medical staff. Cobb Pregnancy Services has two physicians: an OB/GYN and a radiologist overseeing medical services. We are staffed by four registered nurses and a certified sonographer (RDMS). Our services are not only legitimate, they are listed on our websites and on all printed material. They include a free urine or blood pregnancy test, a diagnostic ultrasound to determine fetal viability, intrauterine pregnancy, and gestational age. Our information is documented on a form that our patients can use at any doctor’s office and yes, even at an abortion clinic. The STD/STI testing we provide at no charge for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Syphilis, HSV, and Hepatitis B and C would cost one patient over $300.00 in a “for-profit” clinic.

Along with being fake clinics, pregnancy centers were accused of confusing women by using logos that mimic abortion clinics. As pregnancy centers have become viable medical clinics for women, our logos have changed. We have no desire to brand ourselves as an abortion clinic but as the professional medical clinic that we are. Of course, abortion clinics use the same branding and logos rather than using images of aborted babies that would actually define them better.

According to Ms. Bee, pregnancy centers appeal to women’s needs for medical services in order to strong arm them into choosing life. To emphasize the lengths that pregnancy centers will go, Ms. Bee showed a video of a former pregnancy center client who claimed that she received false information in order to “scare” her into having her baby. I cannot speak to whether this client was given false information because I was not there, but neither was Samantha Bee. Stereotyping pregnancy centers using a one-sided story in order to discredit us is an underhanded attempt to sway public opinion. Imagine what would happen if they actually interviewed the countless women who had great experiences at pregnancy centers.

During the interview, the client stated that after having her baby, things got really difficult but the pregnancy center was not there. First, I do not think the pregnancy center moved or changed its phone number. I also don’t know of centers that do not provide on-going support and assistance with housing, baby clothes, and supplies. No one is going to solve all the problems that women experiencing crisis pregnancies have but pregnancy centers do, by design, provide immediate and on-going support. They also provide abortion alternative counseling which includes adoption. The woman confessed that, though she loves her son, she would abort if she could do it all again. No one is telling her to parent her son if she does not want to. If things are that bad, she might consider making an adoption plan. I also know that this phase of her life does not define the rest of her life. I would like to talk to her in a few years and see if she feels the same.

I assume that the point of the story was that we all should look into the face of this little boy and woe the day he was born.

Pro-abortionists and pro-abortion organizations have been accusing pregnancy centers of using deceptive practices for decades because they do not want to admit what they really hate about us. They hate that we are changing hearts and minds for life.

It is up to each woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy to decide the fate of her unborn child. She has every right to expect that any clinic she goes to, be it a pregnancy center or abortion clinic, will not exploit her in order to further their own agenda. We pray women choose life but we are also there to help women heal from the heartbreak of abortion. Planned Parenthood denies that women even suffer.

My question to you Ms. Bee is this. If an abortion minded woman, who has every legal right to make her own choice, decides to carry her child after coming to a pregnancy center, why does that offend you?

(This article originally appeared at Cobb Pregnancy Services on May 17, 2016. Used with Author’s permission.)

by Nancy Kingston, GLA Pregnancy Support Liaison

The vital mission and work of pregnancy care centers throughout Georgia can hardly be overstated. One of GLA’s foremost goals is to support, foster and promote this vital work since we are clearly linked by a genuine concern and love for the unborn and for those most at risk for choosing abortion. Therefore, GLA is committed to helping the PCCs become better equipped and better exposed, while keeping an eye to any legal or legislative issues which would affect their very existence.

Pregnancy care organizations have been the heart and hands of the pro-life movement since shortly after the abysmal “abortion-on-demand” ruling was handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973. In the wake of this tragic decision, large numbers of “pro-lifers” were motivated to establish places in their communities where women could be presented with realistic alternatives to abortion. During the subsequent 43 years, pregnancy care organizations have an indisputable life-saving and life-changing impact upon women and families.

Ironically, most women who consider abortion do so because they feel they “have no choice.” The staff at pregnancy centers are trained to address the anxieties of women and families in pregnancy hardships, and they are tireless in providing the accurate information and support that empowers women to choose life.

Currently in Georgia there are approximately 75 pregnancy care centers that provide life-affirming options to abortion. According to center surveys for 2014, 24,077 new clients walked through their doors, free 22,424 pregnancy tests were conducted, and at least 9,619 free ultrasounds were performed!

Pregnancy Care Centers are uniquely positioned to operate according to the highest standards of care and integrity, as clients are able to obtain these services without charge along with the promise of confidentiality, compassion and respect. Ongoing support, education and assistance throughout pregnancy and beyond also characterizes the distinctive nature of these organizations.

Manned by a virtual army of women and men offering women real help and answers, the variety of services available at pregnancy centers continues to expand. Currently, a majority of centers are certified to offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds – an integral part of a woman’s right to know all the facts surrounding her pregnancy. Moreover, many centers now offer parenting classes, fatherhood support programs, post-abortion recovery, testing for sexually transmitted infections, healthy pregnancy education.

GLA is eager to walk shoulder to shoulder with those on the front lines because we deeply grasp the challenging task of providing truth to each new generation. This alliance enhances and enriches our common objectives which is to defend the most vulnerable and grow a culture of life in Georgia.

Click the link here for a list of current centers in Georgia that offer free ultrasounds.