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by Nancy Kingston, GLA Pregnancy Support Liaison

The vital mission and work of pregnancy care centers throughout Georgia can hardly be overstated. One of GLA’s foremost goals is to support, foster and promote this vital work since we are clearly linked by a genuine concern and love for the unborn and for those most at risk for choosing abortion. Therefore, GLA is committed to helping the PCCs become better equipped and better exposed, while keeping an eye to any legal or legislative issues which would affect their very existence.

Pregnancy care organizations have been the heart and hands of the pro-life movement since shortly after the abysmal “abortion-on-demand” ruling was handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973. In the wake of this tragic decision, large numbers of “pro-lifers” were motivated to establish places in their communities where women could be presented with realistic alternatives to abortion. During the subsequent 43 years, pregnancy care organizations have an indisputable life-saving and life-changing impact upon women and families.

Ironically, most women who consider abortion do so because they feel they “have no choice.” The staff at pregnancy centers are trained to address the anxieties of women and families in pregnancy hardships, and they are tireless in providing the accurate information and support that empowers women to choose life.

Currently in Georgia there are approximately 75 pregnancy care centers that provide life-affirming options to abortion. According to center surveys for 2014, 24,077 new clients walked through their doors, free 22,424 pregnancy tests were conducted, and at least 9,619 free ultrasounds were performed!

Pregnancy Care Centers are uniquely positioned to operate according to the highest standards of care and integrity, as clients are able to obtain these services without charge along with the promise of confidentiality, compassion and respect. Ongoing support, education and assistance throughout pregnancy and beyond also characterizes the distinctive nature of these organizations.

Manned by a virtual army of women and men offering women real help and answers, the variety of services available at pregnancy centers continues to expand. Currently, a majority of centers are certified to offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds – an integral part of a woman’s right to know all the facts surrounding her pregnancy. Moreover, many centers now offer parenting classes, fatherhood support programs, post-abortion recovery, testing for sexually transmitted infections, healthy pregnancy education.

GLA is eager to walk shoulder to shoulder with those on the front lines because we deeply grasp the challenging task of providing truth to each new generation. This alliance enhances and enriches our common objectives which is to defend the most vulnerable and grow a culture of life in Georgia.

Click the link here for a list of current centers in Georgia that offer free ultrasounds.


Happy Birthday…

January is known to pro-life people across the country as “Sanctity of Life” month and we remembered Roe v. Wade on Sanctity of Life Sunday, Jan 17, 2016. This post is a story shared with one of our staff. It is a story of loss. You may have your own story and know others who’ve been personally touched by abortion. Every story is different. Each hurt, deeply felt. Each life changed. Children never born, are still remembered.

As we share their stories, in their own words, they may shock you. Their circumstances may be totally different from yours. Even so  – they live among us. They are our friends, our family, our colleagues and classmates.  We hope that reading their stories encourages healing, hope and determination to speak truth into dark places, to love those who are hurting and to commit ourselves to extend a hand or listening ear.

First published in 2012, this is CJ’s story. (used with permission).

Happy Birthday To My Children I Didn’t Get To Meet

CJHallock PicHad is a powerful word. I had a job. I had this. I had that. You hear it a lot but my “rant” tonight is this… I had children.

Some of what I’m about to share here, I’ve never told anyone before. But, after years have passed I feel I need to start letting go of some things that are hindering who I am.
(I am going to not mention names in this simply to be nice…fyi)

At 21 years old I was serving in the United States Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, Va. I was dating a girl who was 24. She was beautiful, funny and simply everything a guy would look for, so I thought. After about 4 months of dating (and keeping it a secret for the time being because she was an officer) , one day she just disappeared. I tried calling, emailing and event went by her house. She had moved!

Almost 2 months went by and out of the blue, my phone rang. It was her.  After finding out she had simply moved into a house across the street from her old house and simply keeping small talk, there was a lengthy period of awkward silence.  I knew she wanted to say something but I didn’t have a clue what it was.  She had found out she was pregnant and in thinking about what was best for her career she told me she decided to have an abortion.  I was young and honestly it didn’t truly hit me until a few hours later.

Long story short, I was crushed but because of her being an officer I had to keep quiet about the situation in fear of getting in trouble with my superior officers.  I kept that to myself and every year on May 30th (her estimated due date) I stop and look up to the skys and wonder what kind of child I would have had.

I’ve been listening to Happy Birthday by Flipsyde just thinking about it.  Thought now is as good as time as any to just let some stuff out…

Then, about 3 years later I was in a relationship with a woman who had 3 kids already.  I remember that phone call just like it was yesterday.  “CJ, before I say anything, sit down” (looking back on that now … I have to laugh cause she truly did know me! lol) “We’re Pregnant!” … I was beyond happy at that point! I couldn’t have been a happier man!  After about 2 1/2 months, she woke up one morning with extreme pains in her side.  I had stayed home and watched the kids as one of her friends went with her to the ER.   After waiting all morning for her to return, she did… but with bad news… She had lost the baby.  This had happened 2 other times after that, the last was right after we had broke up.

Then one of my last (serious) relationships was a shocker.  After just over a year of being together, we had called off our relationship.  I was prepared and more than ready to move on at this point but almost  2 years after we had split I had found out that she found out the night after I had moved out that she was pregnant.  It was De-ja-vu … She didn’t think it was good timing or who knows what she was thinking but she had decided to abort her pregnancy.

So in my eyes I was a father to 5.  I “HAD” Children…  Keyword… HAD!

Ladies, let me just say, not all men are the heartless and gutless creatures you think we are!

I remember the countless sad hours that have passed of me sitting down and doing nothing but staring off into space thinking about it.  There isn’t a day that has gone by where I haven’t sat and thought about the possible family I’m missing out on and wondering if I will see them again one day and if I do, if I’ll recognize them. I never got to see their faces but, I do love them!

Think about what you have and enjoy everything! Even the things that seem bad!  In my bad days I think about their smiling faces and what they would’ve looked like and instantly puts a smile on my face! So smile! You could’ve not, been born!

Since all this stemmed from my thoughts in listening to “Happy Birthday” from Flypside … I thought I’d share the song and let you see where my head is at…

CJ Hallock is a small business owner. He and his wife live in northeast Tennessee. (Follow him: @CJHallock).