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January 28, 2020
Contact: Joshua Edmonds
[email protected]

ATLANTA, GA—Days after President Donald Trump made history as the first sitting President to speak at the annual March for Life, Georgia Life Alliance Committee (GLA) announces they will launch the largest pro-life education campaign in state history during the 2020 elections. 

GLA, the state affiliate of National Right to Life, will take over all media outlets with a comprehensive education campaign utilizing social media, print, mail, billboards, radio, and television advertising, to educate Georgia voters ahead of the state’s critical elections in November.

“Big abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood routinely funnel millions in dark money from Hollywood and New York to legalize abortion up until and even after birth,” said Joshua Edmonds, Executive Director. “So, we are building a pro-life wall to defend against their influence in our elections. Georgia is a state that values life, and we are going to highlight that over the next 10 months.”

As the largest pro-life organization in Georgia, GLA led the fight to pass 2019’s Heartbeat Bill and will now fulfill its promise to lead the fight against abortion activists who are targeting pro-life lawmakers around the state.

“Our elected officials put their political futures on the line to do what is right – protect the sanctity of human life. Now we are going to do what is right and show that we have their backs, starting with our pro-life US Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler,” said Emily Matson, Chairman of the Board.

The campaign, which launches this week, will start with $3 million in planned spending and is expected to grow in budget and scope as the year progresses.

Listen to the first radio ad to be released here.


Georgia Life Alliance advocates for the vulnerable, the abandoned, and the defenseless: the baby still in her mother’s womb, the orphaned child desperate for a safe and loving home, and the woman who finds herself in a desperate situation. We work tirelessly to bring attention and healing to the struggles of the unborn and other at-risk groups, endeavoring to help secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Georgians. Learn more at

In keeping with their radical crusade to defend abortion up until and after birth, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and their surrogates have officially sued Governor Kemp and the state of Georgia to overturn our Heartbeat Bill.

We are not surprised, we are ready, and we will fight.

Georgia’s LIFE Act is different from every other Heartbeat Bill in the nation, because we recognize that the child in the womb is a person and should be protected by the 14th Amendment. This concept terrifies the abortion industry, because it would end abortion everywhere for any reason. That’s why they will stop at nothing to defeat Georgia’s law.

This lawsuit is an attack on human rights and an egregious attempt to deny personhood to a class of humans.

But, despite their barbaric targeting and killing people based on their race, gender, and age, the abortion industry will be on the wrong side of history and they will lose.

Governor Kemp and Georgia Life Alliance are committed to fighting for the most pro-life law in the nation, but we need your help.

We need you to pray for Governor Kemp, our legal team, and support our efforts to defend the Heartbeat Bill.

Forward this email to your pro-life friends and family to start a prayer chain and chip in $5, $25, $50, or $100 before our quarterly deadline to help us lead the fight.

Don’t let Planned Parenthood wage war against our children without opposition! As the only Georgia-based right to life group supporting Governor Kemp and the Heartbeat Bill, we need your support now more than ever.

Together for life,

Joshua Edmonds
Executive Director

November 29, 2018
Contact: Joshua Edmonds
[email protected]

ATLANTA – Georgia Life Alliance Committee (GLAC) has issued an official pro-life certification to Public Service Commissioner Chuck Eaton ahead of the critical December 4 Runoff Election.

“It is critical, now more than ever, to ensure that leaders at all levels of our government understand that the right to life is the fundamental right upon which all others are built,” said GLA Executive Director Joshua Edmonds. “That’s why I’m proud to announce that Public Service Commissioner Chuck Eaton has been officially certified as a pro-life candidate by GLAC.”

Georgia Life Alliance Committee has conducted a comprehensive application and certification process since 2015 to certify candidates who support GLA’s mission to build a culture of life in Georgia. The GLA Pro-life Certification packet can be found on the GLA website.

“I call on every pro-life Georgian to ensure they do their part to support pro-life candidates like Chuck Eaton in the December 4th election,” said Edmonds. “We can’t let radicals rise to power in Georgia. Every vote counts.”

Commissioner Eaton’s individual candidate questionnaire can be found here.

Georgia Life Alliance is the Georgia affiliate of National Right to Life.