A SPECIAL ELECTION has been called to replace recently appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price. We congratulate Secretary Price on his appointment and call for candidates wishing to represent Georgia’s 6TH Congressional District to submit questionnaires and certification applications found at the links within this post.

This is a very important special election and the eyes of the country are on this district in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Many are trying to distract voters from the important issues, like the right to life, by touting this election a referendum on President Trump.  It is important to vote for a candidate that will stand up for the rights of the unborn and promote a culture that values human life.

Georgia does not hold primaries before its special elections.  There are 11 Republicans, 5 Democrats, and 2 Independents running; and all 18 will be on the same ballot in April.  The high number of Republican candidates could cause a split among Republican voters and allow a Democrat to potentially win, in a district that has consistently voted Republican for many years.

The top two candidates will almost certainly participate in a run-off election in June.  Georgia Life Alliance Committee will be watching and monitoring things closely to keep everyone informed.