Our office has struggled to digest, process, and reinterpret the videos being released on Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of human body parts from aborted unborn babies. The seventh-video above at one point shows what appears to be a completely intact aborted baby in a sterile medical presentation (probably 20-22 weeks)  (Warning – this is extremely graphic and we would advise viewer discretion). The witness goes on to describe cutting through a baby’s face to obtain an intact brain, and then disposing of the rest of the baby’s body – including buttocks, legs, feet, etc.

We would imagine that both pro-life and pro-abortion groups alike are trying to reframe the messages and images from these videos to either advance or defend their respective agendas.  But like the crowd in the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, we have zoned in on describing the “clothes” – or in this case negotiated pricing of the harvested baby parts – and maybe deemphasized the nakedness of this story:  the small, helpless, and completely human child that has been murdered for a price.

These are little humans, with little lips and little feet.  They are helpless, hiding safely in their mother’s uterus.  They are insulated by the amniotic fluid in the soft darkness of the womb and ignorant of the battle for choice fiercely raging outside.  And then, after a free pregnancy test, standard STD testing, a $125.00 ultrasound (or free one obtained at the local Pregnancy Care Center), and a final $600.00 cash or credit card payment, the abortion doctor proceeds to abnormally and violently end the small innocent life.  But for the money changing hands and the doctor willing to do the deed, that little life would likely continue its quiet, steady, beautiful growth into a soft, needy, innocent human whose presence is celebrated and life protected by all laws.

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Emily Matson