Friends of Life,

It is with great excitement and awe of God’s sovereign plan that I have accepted role of serving Georgia Life Alliance as its new executive director.

When I first began discussing the possibility of stepping into this role, I told your incredible former executive director Emily Matson that if I accepted the position I would need four weeks to transition out of my old job as the Attorney General’s human trafficking prosecutor. I did not realize that several months later that would mean my first day on the job coincided with the oral arguments before the Georgia Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of Georgia’s 20-week fetal pain bill. I ask you all to join me in prayer as we await the decision of the court.  The attorneys are currently drafting supplemental briefs to answer a follow-up question from the court.

As I begin this new position, I want to tell you a little about myself and how God has brought me to this place. I am the oldest of 17 children; four birth, two adopted from Bethany Christian Services, four from the state, and seven from China (I hope that adds up to 17.) I was homeschooled and went to law school many years ago expecting that God’s plan for my life would include work serving the unborn; but as I followed Him through the years He first led me to work protecting another vulnerable group, Georgia’s human trafficking victims.  I’m excited that I now have the opportunity, through GLA, to use all I’ve learned to now focus on protecting the lives of vulnerable unborn children.

I married in 2014 and we had a beautiful daughter in 2015. June 1, 2016, my husband was shot and killed by someone with no respect for the sanctity of human life. Suddenly, splashed across the headlines was Husband of Human Trafficking Prosecutor Shot and Killed. My job had nothing to do with his death, and best law enforcement can tell, it was a senseless random shooting; he was at the wrong light at the wrong time and someone with no respect for life took his life.

God has provided for us internally and externally, as we grieve his death, and I believe part of His provision has been giving me this opportunity to joint Georgia Life Alliance and work to cultivate a culture that values human life and to promote legislation that will protect the lives of the most vulnerable.

I hope to get to know so many of you. This first week has been both overwhelming and encouraging. I am so amazed at all God has accomplished through Georgia Life Alliance and I am humbled by the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of those who have been working tirelessly on behalf of the unborn and to let God work through me.

I appreciate this opportunity to serve and covet your prayers as we continue this work together.


Camila (Wright) Zolfaghari