July 23, 2014

National Right to Life Endorses Perdue for Senate

David Perdue  David Perdue will be “a strong pro-life voice in the U.S. Senate” WASHINGTON – The National Right to Life Committee, the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization, today endorsed David Perdue for election to the U.S. Senate.

“But what crime did I commit?”

March20146  One of the great victories of our movement is how we’ve won young people over to our side. Poll after poll shows young people are now among the most pro-life Americans. Having seen so many of these talented pro-life

What the numbers are telling us about the outcome of the November mid-term elections

election2014  By Dave Andrusko Let’s put together a Gallup summary of President Obama’s popularity over the last three months (which ran yesterday) and an analysis of what might happen this fall, provided today by Josh Kraushaar at the National Journal

Moms can teach their unborn babies nursery rhymes, study shows

nurseryrhymes2  By Dave Andrusko What an incredible coincidence. Just this morning (as is my habit) I scanned both today’s Washington Post and a couple of stories from a few days ago. I came across this fascinating article, dated July 19,

Conflicting appeals court opinions threaten ObamaCare exchanges

Center For Disease Control Reports Highest Number Of Measles Cases In 20 Years  By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit delivered another blow to the Obama Health Care law– a law that has continued to remain unpopular

Abandoned newborn now doing well, foster parents seek to adopt “Baby Carlos”

Baby Carlos was discovered in a dumpster four months ago<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Photo credit: Ricky Ramirez  By Dave Andrusko A final decision may soon be made in finding a home for Baby Carlos Guzman, abandoned by his mother last February, but whose image “made the hearts of Houstonians melt,” according to local television station KPRC.

Are pro-choice feminists really feminist at all?

boy-girldolls  By Nancy Flanders It isn’t every day that a self-proclaimed pro-choicer makes a valid argument against abortion. Yet that’s just what Jay Sun did in his essay posted on ThoughtCatalog.com. The essay, “The Disconnect Between Feminists and Abortion,”

Andrew Lloyd Weber Changes Mind on Suicide

Andrew Lloyd Weber  By Wesley J. Smith Andrew Lloyd Weber might not still be here if assisted suicide had been legal. He wanted to die and almost was set to go to Switzerland. Now, he’s glad he didn’t.

Baroness Jane Campbell: Assisted suicide could lure me to the grave

Baroness Jane Campbell  By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Last Friday, the UK House of Lords debated the Falconer assisted suicide bill, a bill that would legalize assisted suicide in a similar way to the Oregon assisted suicide law

Couples flock to Thailand for sex selective IVF

bangkokhospital1  By Xavier Symons Thailand has become a top tourist destination for women seeking gender-selective IVF. The country is one of just three that permit gender selection – the other two are the US and South Africa

Don’t make Oregon’s mistake and legalise assisted suicide – ten reasons why the UK should not follow suit

oregon-washington_map  By Dr. Peter Saunders Editor’s note. Dr. Saunders is a former general surgeon and is CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members. Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill received

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