Over three decades ago, Peter and Martha Badolato embraced the mission of fighting for the Right to Life!

Peter and Martha live in Marietta, Georgia.  In 1984, and with the humble leadership of their fellow Holy Family parishioner, Daphne Madol, they began a weekly trek to the abortion clinic in Chamblee, the Northside Women’s Clinic.  Once at the clinic, Peter and Martha would join with others in praying that this clinic would close and that the women seeking freedom from their pregnancy would choose LIFE instead.  After almost 10 years of holding prayer vigil each Saturday outside the clinic, their leader Daphne Madol lost a fight with disease and passed away.  Peter and Martha assumed the role of leading this weekly vigil and continued the weekly unwavering commitment to pray for an end to abortion at this clinic.  Finally, in 2013, as they arrived on a Saturday morning to pray, they learned the abortion clinic had closed the prior week and there were no more babies being terminated within the facility walls.

What a blessing! What a relief!! Peter and Martha are a testimony to all of us of the longsuffering, unwavering path we must be on to fight this good fight!!! They also testify to the all-powerful, hand of God in His listening to our prayers and effecting His will against our foes.  We honor Peter and Martha Badolato as our Pro-Life Heros this month.”