As our very own Continuing Education, each year, NRL Convention attendees come home with full hearts, more energy and a to-do list, longer than the one we had when we arrived. At least, that’s how it’s been for us for the past two years, attending as the Georgia Affiliate. This is where we learned of Perinatal Hospice, leading to this article beginning our series. We learned about APR, the Abortion Pill Reversal (series coming soon), which we presented at our first legislative policy briefing last fall, as well as efforts of other states and the innovative ways that the unborn are given dignity, protected and loved.

You’ll want to take a notebook and at least one back up to write with… Your time won’t be wasted, that’s for sure. Come ready to soak it in, listen, learn, meet advocates from all over the country. Read little further from the April article from Dave Andrusko below to learn more and sign up to attend in July!

April 15, 2016   NRLC

Take time to commit to attending NRL Convention 2016

By Dave AndruskoI understand it’s only the middle of April and that your life, like mine, is filled to the brim. But….Please take a moment to make the decision to attend THE educational event of the year: the annual National Right to Life Convention. And having made that commitment to attend, go to where you can register online.

Here are a few of the basics:

· NRL Convention 2016 takes place July 7-9 in Herndon, Virginia.

· The location is the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport where the flat rate is a very reasonable $119 per night and parking is free.

· There will be more than 100 speakers and more than 100 sessions.

What can you expect? I’ve attended every convention since 1981, when I drove the “Lifemobile” to Omaha, Nebraska. My wife and I have never been disappointed.

How could we be? We are with hundreds of friends in a life-affirming atmosphere where we learn from experts in every conceivable phase of our Pro-Life Outreach.

Our brains are stimulated, our spirits uplifted, and our batteries recharged. You–and which other members of your family can make it to Herndon–will have exactly the same experience, whether this is your 35th convention or your very first.

If you are flying in for the convention, be sure to fly into Dulles (IAD) Airport. The hotel is just 3 miles down the road and will pick you up from the airport.

If you look at the ad for the convention that we’ve posted, you’ll see that we are giving emphasis to two dynamics which are helping change minds and hearts.

Melissa Ohden and Sara Zagorski literally survived abortions. Their stories are unbelievably powerful.

Jewels Green and Catherine Adair both formerly worked at abortion clinics. Their insights into the abortion industry–what is done there to unborn babies, their mothers, and the staff itself–are invaluable.

Do take the time to commit to attending NRLC 2016 this July 7-9 and to registering at

You’ll be glad you did.


We’ll 2nd that!